Land is the basis of all wealth, and because real estate is the only asset that cannot be moved or hidden, every possible party seeks it out for lien rights; the right to put something against the title for security purposes.

Plat and Right of ownership:

Full plat/run sheet searches of the property as defined by the title standards of each state using different applications (title plant, data trace etc.)

Complete legal description, All deeds in the chain of title, Vesting Deed, Tenancies, Conveyance Information, Leasehold or fee simple. Map proofing to verify the property easements, boundary lines, property access and notes regarding oil and gas companies and understanding of Division of Land.

Title Commitment

JPM specializes in typing commitment or property reports in your current environment/application are typed accurately with quick turnaround time. Since JPM understand state specific laws, we can type abstracts of all 50 states. Our team is trained on various commercial and private label Closing applications with utmost priority to data security while performing work for all of our clients.

Title Policy Preparation

Title Policy is an essential part of a mortgage transaction. Our Policy Preparation Division begins the process of preparing the final title policy by making sure that the conditions on the commitment have been met, Checking the HUD Statement for insurance requirements and any endorsements that might be required.

The policy is then typed, checked by our QC division and finalized in clients closing software. This is then printed and mailed to the appropriate parties onshore.

Title Plant Posting / Indexing

Our teams of title experts are familiar with various kinds of real estate documents. Our experts can capture legal description, title information and other relevant details (Grantor, Grantee, book, page, instrument type, and recording date) based on the posting needs from public records documents into a database file.

Our delivery center location creates an advantage for our clients as we can do all the data entry work overnight of all property documents and return to your queue next day morning. We ensure that all accuracy and turnaround time parameters are met.