Selenium is one of the open source solutions considered most popular and widely accepted across the industry.

JPM is the leader in automated testing and has implementation strategy in place which guides organizations through open source test automation efforts that will reduce budget spending on software and implementation license costs. JPM provides complete training on the implementation and hand over to the client.

  • Easily integrate Selenium with various open source tools to provide complete automation solution from Test development, Source/version control, Test execution, Debugging and Reporting
  • Zero Total Cost of Ownership TCO, all the tools required for end-to-end test complete automation solution is open source.
  • Provides capability to implement all standard industry approaches such as data driven, modular and keyword/Action based using,
    • Junit
    • TestNG
    • Google Framework
  • Provides all the capabilities to develop automate tests equivalent to commercial solutions available in market for,
    • Web UI testing
    • Web Services/SOA testing
    • Database Testing
    • Testing UNIX file system
  • Provides ability to implement Continuous Integration (CI) testing