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A leading global insurance company


In response to the competitive market place and the urgency to deliver products faster to the business in order to gain a competitive edge in the industry, higher management in the Quality Assurance department decided to invest in automation tools and to standardize process across there several QA departments.


With a expert pool of resources dedicated to the area of Quality assurance testing, JPM was selected to partner and assist in the effort to ramp up the Quality assurance efforts for all the client initiatives. JPM was presented with the challenge of producing a testing framework that has a very strong foundation and ensures free radical resource allocation.

A team of 3 consultants were assigned to the client and they started reviewing and analyzing the existing processes across departments. Some of the techniques of data gathering were by meeting with the Managers, Quality assurance team members and the development team. After a thorough analysis of the existing processes the team presented the recommended changes in the processes and also in the Test environment setup.

JPM was challenged to build the necessary test environment and also automating the existing test plans that were currently manually executed. Our Consultants worked with the client managers and developed a strategy to ensure that all the requirements are being achieved in the timeframe as expected by the client. Additionally to build expertise with in the Clients Quality assurance team, JPM ensured that employees were assigned and were actively working on the automation effort.

In order to release some of the members of the Quality team members to join the automation effort, JPM manual testers were brought in. Due to the extensive knowledge that every one at JPM brings in, the ramp up time was minimum and client resources were freed up.

With a team of automation experts from JPM leading the effort a common framework was implemented across departments. Our Consultants also worked closely with the key resources identified by the client to ensure knowledge transfer. By establishing a common framework across departments, cross department resource allocation was made possible.

JPM established a Win Win partnership with the client, where in all the requirements were delivered in time and client resources allocated on the automation project gained hands on expertise and were able to support the initiative when the effort was completed